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Air-Win 高質傳反應


The Air Win high-efficiency air purifier was developed by UWin Carbon Capture Inc.  Air Win operates without heating and has the advantages of high efficiency and less consumption. We can not only deal with air pollutants but also achieve the goal of carbon capture.

Air-Win 空污處理實務操作

Air Win針對不同的空氣汙染源去除效率可達95%以上;結果顯示Air Win能快速處理空氣汙染源同時進行碳捕捉,協助企業在符合空氣汙染法排放標準下也達成減碳、淨零國家目標。

The removal efficiency of Air Win in air pollutants is up to 95%. Under the emission standards of the Pollution Law, the national goals of carbon reduction and net zero have also been achieved.

Air-Win 碳捕捉實務操作

Air-Win高質傳反應器應用於二氧化碳捕捉技術,在全球二氧化碳捕捉技術發展過程中,大部分碳捕捉率落85-95% 之間,其處理每公噸二氧化碳成本達100元美金以上;UWin開發的Air-Win高質傳反應器碳捕捉率可達97-99%,且處理每公噸二氧化碳成本為10美金以下;相較其他碳捕捉技術,Air-Win碳捕捉優勢:1.反應速度快;2.吸收劑可重複使用;3.成本低且捕捉率高。

Air-Win High Mass Transfer Reactor is used in CO2 capture technology. In the development process of global CO2 capture technologies, most carbon capture rates between 85-95%, and the treatment cost of carbon capture is more than 100 US dollars per ton. UWin developed the Air-Win, that removal efficiency can reach 97-99%, and the cost is less than US$10 per ton. Compared with other carbon capture technologies, the advantages of Air-Win carbon capture are: 1. High reaction rate; 2. The absorbent can be reused; 3. Low cost and higher capture rate.

Air-Win 碳捕捉實廠應用


CATL visits UWin's production process

Application of Air Win


​​Air Win 優勢
Advantages of Air Win

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